Mother’s need to let go of being selfish


We, mothers, say this so often. We do not want to be selfish by taking care of yourself. We do not want to take time to ourselves because it takes time away from our children. We wrongly translate any time away from our kids to be selfish time. It is the opposite in reality.

I did not take ANY time away from my kids for 12 years. I lived and breathed being a mom. My kids ate perfectly. They had very healthy foods. I, however, did not eat well. I probably ate about 500 grams of carbohydrates on a daily basis.

When I started putting me first, amazing things happened. The first thing that happened was I started valuing myself. I would not allow my family to disrespect me. Instead of, when arguing with my husband of feeling like garbage, I learned my worth. This allowed me to say, “No, you cannot talk or treat me this way”.

I let go of guilt.

Oh, guilt is a nasty volatile emotion. I’d feel guilty for not exercising or eating well, which led to a binge, which led to feeling bad, etc. When I let go of the guilt and allowed myself to just be amazing things happened. I learned I was a good writer. I am not a perfect writer, no. I may not be an excellent writer, even. I do write from my heart, and do want others to benefit from my experiences. Writing is my passion.

Find an activity you enjoy

This is huge. I spent two years torturing myself with exercise videos. I hate videos. I think Jillian Michaels is mean. I finished P90X, but I hated every single second of it. A few months ago, I found my passion: Swimming. I love to swim. I feel no impact. I love to run, but struggle with shin splints. I am working on learning all the strokes in swimming and improving my speed. I look forward to swimming. I plan on learning to play racquetball and tennis this month as well.


Mothers should never feel guilty about putting their health first. If we are not healthy, how can we care for our families. Being a healthy mom in fact, is the best gift you can give your children.   Image