Self-love: Is it a requirement?


Self-love is not a new trend or hippy or yoga related ideal. Self-love is a requirement for one to achieve their goals in life. Without true self love and appreciation, there can be no real happiness. So, what is self-love exactly?


Self-love is accepting yourself, exactly as you are right now. That is not saying to yourself, “Oh, I’ll love myself when I am 10 pounds, 20 pounds or even 100 pounds lighter.” That is not self-love. Self-love is loving who you are, right now. Self-love is looking past your flaws and accepting yourself anyway.


Self-love is knowing your worth and enforcing it in your relationships. What this translates to is not accepting or participating in toxic relationships. This is a huge problem for most people. People make excuses for the ones they love. You will often hear, “Oh, she’s like that”, or “Once you get to know him, he is nice”. These are excuses to still participate in a toxic relationship. Self-love would require that if you truly love yourself, you will separate yourself from those friendships.


Self-love is falling in love with you. It is possible to fall in love with yourself. It is ideal according to the Buddhist teachings, in fact. Think about it this way, when you fall in love with someone, you love everything about them. You vow to care for them. You will fight for them. You will do whatever it takes to be there for them and make time for them. Now, put that into practice for yourself. Do all those things not for someone else, but for YOU.


Self-love is a requirement to be successful in losing weight. One thing many overweight and obese people have in common is they do not love themselves. If they truly did love themselves, they would not feed themselves in such a way, they gain so much weight. In fact, being morbidly obese in a very real sense, is slowly killing yourself. That is not self-love, in fact it is self-hatred.


To practice self-love, first you must be kind to yourself. Learn to be your own best friend. Accept your flaws as part of what make you a unique, amazing person. Most of all, do not be afraid to praise yourself. Many people are in the habit of when receiving a compliment, they refuse to accept it. Learn to accept compliments.  To go a step further, learn to compliment yourself without feeling guilt. If you follow these practices, you will learn to love yourself, genuinely, allowing your true potential to be unlocked.Image