The Top 20 Super Foods to Achieve Amazing Weight Loss


The new mantra for all those looking to shed a few pounds is ‘Eat more, Weigh less’. This way of eating is simple, you eat more super foods, and less processed junk foods, along with keeping up your activity level up to stimulate your metabolism and reduce food cravings. It’s an easy way to eat, simply pick a few of the super foods, and indulge in them. The 20 common super foods are apples, eggs,  kale, blueberries, tomatoes, nuts, orange juice, fish, broccoli, spinach, green tea, chlorella, cinnamon, brown rice, carrots, soy milk,  oatmeal, avocado, chocolate  and coffee.  If in your area, you cannot find chlorella, it is available in powder form at the whole foods grocery retailer, usually. A few of this amazing super foods is discussed further, below.



 Ever hear the saying, ‘An apple a day, keeps the doctor an away.’ An apple a day will keep weight gain away. Studies suggest those who eat an apple as a snack before a meal, will eat less in their meal and crave less junk food. If you are in need of something sweet, chop an apple, and add all spice and cinnamon. Microwave it for about one minute. It will taste like apple pie filling, fulfilling any sweet tooth. 



 Eggs are such a controversial food. One day, research supports eating them, the next they are demoted to a bad food, again. Rest assured you can eat the whole egg, yes even the yolk. Research has concluded that eggs can help you shred inches off your waist. Scrambled, fried, or hard-boiled, eggs are always the perfect snack or meal.



 Kale is one of the veggies getting a lot of publicity lately. It grew popular in the juice-craze. It has a taste that is similar to broccoli. One cup of kale has only 34 calories with 1.3 grams of fiber. It is one of those foods, you can eat and eat. It can be added to fresh juice, salads or baked to make kale chips.



 Blueberries are not only great tasting, but good for you. They are good for men or women, being in the top ten super foods. They have the most antioxidants of all the commercial available fruits, if that is not impressive enough, they also pack an astonishing 3.5 grams of fiber per cup. Blueberries can be eaten by themselves, added to oatmeal, which is another super food, or added to a juice or smoothie.



 Many people shy away from avocados, because of their fat content. They do have 29 grams fat per serving; however, it is good fat. You need the fat in an avocado. Avocados are considered one of the foods that help you lose weight. There are so many ways to eat an avocado. You can eat it in cubes like another other fruit, or chopped in a veggie salad. Another option is to mash it and use it on a sandwich, instead of mayo. Weight loss experts recommend you eat a few avocados a week, but to watch the portion sizes. The avocado is a high calorie food.

 These foods are the proven super foods. They have been used by both men and women, with amazing results. These foods specifically will encourage weight loss. They will give your body the nutrition it needs, to achieve maximum fat loss. A diet rich in these foods, will yield amazing results, allowing your body to be lean and completely healthy. How do add super foods in your diet? Have they helped you shed the excess weight?